Launching a membership and feeling the vice-like GRIP of fear: have you done the right thing?

Discover the secret to membership success and learn how to find, attract AND keep members

So that you can breathe easy with a clear path to achieve your dream of a solid recurring revenue stream and financial freedom

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The Membership Expert behind expert memberships

Let's be honest with each other...

Launching a membership is a


Take a look at the maths...

Because that’s what you did first, right?

And for many membership owners, the plan looks something like this:

The DREAM Plan

50 members at £50 = £2,500/month. Not too shabby a start. And sounds achievable.

Add just 20 members each month and 12 months later, you're forecasting:

270 members at £50 = £13,500/month or £162,000/year


  • Six figure business
  • Semi-passive
  • No more exchanging time for money
  • AND...the holy grail: RECURRING REVENUE

What's not to love?

But then you launched (or you're preparing to), you discounted for founding members and maybe it was more like:


10 members at £25 = £250/month. (Darn that all-important missing ZERO.)

You can SEE a growth trajectory but it's slower than you anticipated...let's say you add 3 more members a month but you're not ready to raise your prices. So you've got:

51 members at £25 = £1,275/month £15,300/year

Hands-up if that feels like a LOT of work

AND you’re still a LONG way off six figures?

So let me ask you a question; is this sustainable?

How much runway do you have, if your membership takes time to grow?

Over the years I’ve worked with countless clients who’ve built incredible memberships. They've:

  • Created a community
  • Built a library of content
  • Produced a series of masterclasses
  • Hosted weekly Q&As
  • Brought in guest speakers and associate coaches

And they LOVE what they're doing but they're struggling to make it viable.

Can you relate to that?

Or perhaps you haven't launched yet because this is the fear holding you back?

I want you to know this: you're not alone

I can promise you - if your numbers are better than the examples I gave above, but still below where you need for a living wage – you’re FAR from alone.

Because the truth is, without help, memberships are harder than you've been led to believe.

And some memberships struggle to get the visibility they need to get enough members to become financially sustainable, fast enough.

Trusted by

Lisa Johnson

Strategy Coach

Andrew & Pete


Nishma Mistry

Asian Bride Sorority

Are you overwhelmed by...

  • The hamster-wheel of trying to build out content libraries, WHILST bringing in new members WHILST delivering the regular trainings you promised?
  • The race to build your audience AND get visibility for your membership -and the frustration that nothing is working, or at least not working FAST enough
  • How much time it’s taking you to deliver everything
  • The constant effort to KEEP members (one in and two out = shrinking not growing)
  • AND the effort to keep members ENGAGED (and you're scared if they're not participating enough they'll leave)
  • The relentlessly conflicting advice – do a founding members launch, have an open-close cart, make it evergreen. Do tik-tok ads. Focus on just one platform. Don't get left behind on video
  • The BATTLE with tech - sometimes it takes a full morning just to get into your system - and a week to figure out how to automate your onboarding

Do you feel like you're spinning so many plates that you could earn more as a professional plate-spinning busker?

I bet you're thinking...

Course there is - and you just landed on it.

So give yourself a pat on the back and thank your lucky stars, because when you discover what I’ve got in store for you in my little corner of the internet, you’ll realise that the Universe sent you here as a gift. And you’ll be SO glad it did.

Because the truth is…if you approach it the right way:


You don’t have to be doing all the things, all the time. Creating, selling, promoting, supporting, networking.

There are structures, systems, processes that can make it soooo much more manageable, which means that you can finally focus on what you set out to do in the first place: serving your members.

I’ve been running communities and memberships now for over a decade and I’ve learnt (the hard way!) everything there is to know about how to launch and grow sustainably.

I consult for some of the biggest membership-based businesses in the online world, and I want to serve and help MORE people to launch and grow their memberships so that they, in turn, can fulfil their dreams of impacting more people.

And the obvious way to do that, was to create my OWN membership, for membership owners.

And so here it is.

Drum roll please...


For membership owners looking for support to launch, and grow and retain members

Learn how to create a membership that works for YOU, not the other way round

The ANSWER to ALL your membership prayers

  • Get straight answers instead of endlessly googling and reading conflicting advice
  • Be supported by those who truly “get it” and understand the journey you’re on - celebrate your wins together
  • Get the super-power of “advance hindsight” by learning from new friends who’ve trod this path
  • Never again feel like you’re doing it all alone
  • Learn the systems and processes that make it easier and sustainable
  • Discover the retention strategies that not only help keep members IN but turn your members into raving fans who bring others in too

FINALLY breathe easy by creating enough recurring revenue each month so that you can focus fully on serving your amazing members (which is why you started in the first place!)

Here's what you get when you join

Jump on zoom with me and get answers to your burning questions and your “for-the-love-of-cheese-how-do-I…” frustrations.

So you’ll never feel like you’re figuring it all out on your own.

Curated deep-dives into key strategies that move the needle in your membership, with guest-experts sharing their knowledge.

So you’ll be fully equipped with proven tactics to make your membership thrive.

We have Charlotte Wibberley on Tech, Anna Payne on Sales, and Cici Regan on copy. So we have you covered for whatever you get stuck with.

So you’ll never feel held back by tech, copy, or sales again.

Access to a private Facebook community of incredible membership owners to bounce ideas and share experiences, insights and wins.

So that you’re with others who totallllly “get it”. You’ll learn from and be inspired by those on the same path as you and find the BEST collaborations.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to be able to not only retain members but attract new ones too.

So that you can get the right strategies, systems, and processes in place to grow and scale

A library of invaluable foundational blocks, from Facebook group basics to content ideas and managing your cash flow.

So that you can get the vital but often overlooked foundations of your membership rock solid, ready for growth.

All this INCREDIBLE value

  • Weekly access to Sam
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Monthly Tech, Sales & Copy Q&As
  • Private Community
  • Foundation Basics
  • All content is recorded for catch-up so you'll never miss out

I've been where you're heading so

I can get you there faster

I am sooooo excited to welcome you into The Membership Membership. You're going to get so much value, inspiration, support and learning from being a member. You'll:

  • Manage the time spent in your membership more optimally
  • Learn how to onboard for retention
  • Get past your tech hurdles
  • Follow the RIGHT path and implement the RIGHT tactics instead of the latest shiny thing you read
  • Change how you interact to improve engagement
  • Learn from your peers and celebrate success with those who "get it"
  • Support and be supported in your membership journey

About me

Hey, I'm Sam

I’m a highly experienced Community Manager and coach for those looking to learn more about creating thriving spaces online.

Described as ‘The best kept secret in the online space,’ I’ve provided community management support for household names in the global marketing world, including Lisa Johnson and Andrew and Pete

My 1:1 clients include psychotherapists, videographers, leadership coaches, investment specialists and a parenting expert.

I'm passionate about community building, and it's my life's mission to help more coaches and entrepreneurs to serve and impact their people - and building and managing a community is the most powerful way I know to do that.

I can't wait to welcome you into The Membership Membership and help your community to fly.

PS If you're launching a membership or community and are DROWNING in the doing - and need additional support beyond this membership, please click here to book a free 30 minute discovery call.


We first hired Sam to be our matchmaker for our event, ATOMICON, with her role being to connect our attendees together. She did such a great job we now work with her every month in our membership, ATOMIC, where she's head of networking and matchmaking. She does an amazing job connecting and welcoming members and managing parts of our community. If you have a community, then talk to Sam

Andrew & Pete


I hired Sam to help with community support in my pop up group as I was doing a challenge with lots of people involved. It really took the pressure off to know that I didn't need to answer everything myself. If you know you're having a busy challenge and launch, I would now say getting community support is vital.

Sam is so humble, she'll never say this herself but she's an absolute powerhouse when it comes to memberships and community building. If you're launching any kind of membership or group, her new Membership will be such a gift"

Lisa Johnson

Strategy Coach

I've been working with Sam for one and a half years now. I couldn't do without her. She's amazing. Working with her on your membership is a no-brainer. I can't believe the value she is making available in The Membership Membership, it's going to be totally epic.

Nishma Mistry

Asian Bride Sorority

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